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8/7/2007 2:48:33 PM

First Time to Write English Blog

8/7/2007 2:48:33 PM
Well, i think many of my friends will feel surprise to see this blog as i never wrote a blog in english before. I think start from now on, i'll write more english blogs in future as some of my friends said not fair if i just write my blog in mandarin and some of them even said they feel lazy to read mandarin blogs. Therefore, i decided to write this english blog. Actually, im still a starter in english, what i mean is, im still not very good in writing english. Sometimes, the expression when using english words is also not very good, but i'll try to improve and learn. I think my mum sure will be very happy to read this blog as she wanted me to brush up my english so much. Mum, now i keep my words to improve it..^^ so what i want to share in this blog? Erm.. life in INTEC again? i think i'll share it in the next blog as for now, i still dont have any interesting thing to share here.. but i learn some tips in MMS from our counselor, let me share this with you..
Some Tips to be successful 
* Feel confident in your abilities
* Don't take undue criticism
* Forget about past mistakes
* Focus on your long term goals
* Focus on your success
Emotional Intelligence is not about smiling all the time
It's about celebrating success
It's about recognizing the joy and pain in others
It's about being angry at the right person at the right time, in the right manner for the right reason
The above just a part from what we were taught, but i think it will be a good quote to lead us further.. My life here just began, and my pathway to my journey just started, i'll try my best in future undergoings..i swear.. Thanks for being my pillars of strength! ^^ 

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