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23/8/2007 3:38:06 PM

New life, new begin..

23/8/2007 3:38:06 PM
Almost two months im here in INTEC.. Time passed in a blink of eyes, really fast without intention.. From time to time, i realise that i really need improvements. Yea, i am just a very very normal and "tiny" person here, as everyone here is all mentally and physically strong and good student. 

Now i really understand the condition and the words my friend wrote in his blog that he wants to be the best student. Well, i still need time to change and improve myself, what can i say is, i will try hard to change and improve, im really not good enough. I want self-improvement! These days when i was down, i thought of many things.. i would just say that im lucky enough to have friends and my family to support me, being my pillars of strength. 

Tell you all an incident here : i joined a chess competition.. Actually i really dont know how to compete chess, what i know is just simply play chess.. i have only a simple mind, i dont even know all the techniques.. how can i join a competition? That day, on the competition that day, i received a call from my friend, he said he really need my help.. i had a slightly fever that day so i declined at first.. but he begged me and i thought it was a single match, so i promised him to join and help him. Then that day, when i reached the competition place, i just realised that we have to play in a group, group compete with other group. I thought he got tell me about that in the phone but i was blur blur when i received his call. Three boys and a girl add up to form a team, girl compete with girl and boy compete with boy. So i told them that i really dont know how to play chess, they said nevermind, asked me to try my best and explore myself to chess. 

The competition then started, it was already the third match as the first and second match was a day before that. My team didnt go so we are the last team according to the results. I won the first game..know why? because it was no opponent..>.< then for the fourth and fifth game, i lost both.. want to know my team results? All the three guys won every game they played.. Excellent! except me... shame la... three of them are expert in chess and ask me a little stupid girl like this to join them.. and the final results is......We won the third place! ^^ too happy..i think if they asked other girl to join them, sure they could get the second or the first. They are really very good, managed to jump from the last to the third.. put hand together for them! bravo! then we received prizes, which are bags inside... i got one too... what i want to say is i felt so grateful to them.. i did nothing but i received the prize.. really appreciate them.. that was my first time to join chess competition, you know.. i don't even know how to use the clock for the chess competition.. what la me.. but i really know nothing about chess, no training, no technique, and i was a bit blur blur that day, having slightly fever, so was a bit tired actually... couldnt pay full attention to the chess matches.. Really want to say sorry to them, if i know how to play then sure i can help them.. Friends, really thanks a lot for giving me such an opportunity and memory in my mind...thanks!^^ 

The life in INTEC is a bit stressful, as i still need time to cope with all the stuffs and studies there.. My friend once told me : After every stupid mistake, we should try to remember and say it in heart dont repeat. There will be a long journey we have to enjoy the process of learning. Dont be too stress on the outcomes. A friend told her that study is just to quench our curiosity, not to outsmart others, not even within ourselves. I realised and learned from her words.. She really encouraged me a lot.. thanks ya..Also, i want to thank one of my friend as he asked me always be happy, always wear a smile. He said : Not because life is full of reasons to smile but because your smile itself is a reason for many others to smile.. Yea, friend! i received what you told me, thanks for your words! Be happy always!  
New life, new begin in INTEC.. friends, all the best to you all in whatever undergoings.. Good luck! Gambateh!  

Tan Wei Kai - 23/8/2007 5:29:36 PM
I don’t know what to say when I first saw this post. How can we ever thank you.... U performed well and it was only your first tournament. And it wasn't your great fighting spirit on the board that touched me but your kind heart and the willingness to come and support us when we need a female player so badly.

Let me tell you what happened that day...

It was a Friday as you might recall, and the last subject we have is Biology. As soon as Ms Syuhadah stepped out of the classroom, I quickly dashed for Pn ??? office for information regarding the chess tournament. I was greeted by a smile and the kind lecturer told me that the tournament, unfortunately, has started the day before. She must have noticed the sudden change of my facial expression, because she followed quickly by asking me to phone a senior in charge. I did, and to much disappointment, I was told that the AL1 team is still in the competition, but the first 2 rounds are gone cases. I could easily summarize my feelings at that time as frustrated, disappointed and very angry with Mr. B????. However, the patient Malay senior asked me to come that afternoon to finish the match as he told me that our team might still stand a chance of winning. Even so, my enthusiasm and the fighting spirit inside me has long disappeared and for once, I thought of giving up the competition and rest at the hostel instead of pursuing something that I see no hope within. I called Samuel but as usual, he won’t answer during class. I was lost. I don’t know what to do or what to think. I took the bus back to Cendana.

Samuel called me after class. I briefed him everything I know and I asked him to approach Abang Burn who is now in charge of all chess activities. He mentioned 1 girl called Kimberly Mah who registered for the game and her name was on the list. I decided to contact her. I don’t have her phone number so I contacted PC, one of the most popular figures in INTEC who kindly gave me her hp number. Kimberly told me she would love to come but unfortunately, she had an art class to attend late in the evening and she just could not make it. I was lost again.

Then Samuel phoned me again. He told me that a girl is willing to come and play for fun. However, I have given up much hope and part of me wanted to tell Samuel that I don’t feel like taking part in this competition anymore. BUT, I agree to go anyway.

On our way to Cemara, Samuel told all of us:“ Aiyo, Yie Ning must have waited for a long time” I said, what……. Yie Ning ah? She is the girl you mention earlier? I was shocked because I never thought that you will have the interest in playing chess.

The rest you know already….

To sum things up, it was a nice and meaningful experience to all of us. I came to realize that winning or losing the INPRO chess competition is of no ultimate importance and it is merely a start for chess freaks in INTEC. Samuel once told me that there are two reasons why he participates in chess tournaments. One is to win, and the other is to make friends and form special bonds connecting all of us. I believe that you are a true friend and a friend that cares for others. May our friendship last forever.

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