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19/11/2007 12:39:28 PM

感谢你!Thanks, my dearest senior!

19/11/2007 12:39:28 PM
         Erm.. really dont know how to start to write this blog. My feelings are mixed up in this moment.. Just finish reading one of my seniors' blog, to my surprise, he really wrote me inside! Although he told me that he'll do so, but still when i read that, i feel surprised and touched.. I really appreciate that, with the deepest gratitude. I feel so grateful to him.
         Recalling the day i knew him, the conversation wasn't much, we met at the bus stop as he wanted to sell his books to me. After that we didnt meet often but i wonder how our friendship grows.. He is really expert in badminton, the sport i like the most, and i saw his talent when i played with him last time. The rest.. i dont know much, but only through his blog we understand each other more, and i think this is the reason i can trust him and tell him about my past life. Not many people will want to understand our past, how's our background and our struggles through obstacles and hindrances. As i always say, i am just a normal tiny little girl, i am not great. But whenever people are in difficulties, i will try my best to console or tell them with my past life and my experiences. However, i still need a lot of improvements.
         Time keeps on changing, everyone changes themselves but i am left behind, this is what i feel. No matter in what, i am not the best, not academic nor sport. How am i going to convince myself that i am good? Nope, i am not. The thing only i know is that my life is a hard, long journey, i have to keep on struggle. Anyway, thanks for everyone that cheer me up whenever i am down. And for sure, the senior's written blog about me will give me strength to proceed this long journey, give me spirits to help others and encourage me in the future.
         Thanks, thanks a lot! You are great too, Vincent! Believe in yourself, all the best to you in future undergoings.. Your life in Germany will be wonderful and everything will be fine. Cheer up and forgo the past.. Take good care! Bon Voyage.. (Take me to Germany in the future if have chance..haha..)
This is what he wrote about me in his blog, (I copy with permission..=P)

If I ever said someone as perfect as God, I’m lying. But if I say someone much greater than a lot of people, I’m strongly agreed with that. Yes, she is really someone that I admire since yesterday. Guess who?There was once when I thought she was just another normal girl with charming smile and attractive voice. I thought she was nothing more than a smarty, childish and immature brain and as normal as a normal little girl. She’s just a normal person that I came across, I told myself. Oh yea, that was my opinion about her ever since I knew her.

But guess what? I’m totally wrong about her. She is, like Joash, another wonderful person. Oh how great can she be abnormal than a normal girl, you might ask. But honestly, she is the most matured girl that I ever meet within those who are same age as hers. I regret I never want to put in effort to know this little girl better. We went to Secret Recipe for supper that day. It’s not a supper actually; it was just a normal meet-up and had some drinks there while we talked to each other.

Well, the two hours talk changed my impression on her. By the way she talked to me, her respond, her thinking, made me have the enthusiasm to know her better, to keep on hearing about things that happened in her life. Imagine, she finished her lemon juice (I think!) two hours later after we reach there… she must have talked a lot right? Throughout the session she obviously talked a lot about herself than giving me the chance to boast about my past achievements. As we talked I realized that she is not as childish as she looks to be. Hey, honestly speaking, how many girls always help her mother for laundry washing or house-keeping? She is that unique person.

She was once a prefect, who later promoted to be the head girl. Her parents were both teachers, the very busy ones. Because of their works she was forced to be able to take care of herself and making wise decision to solve all the problems that she faces. Her father was the headmaster of her secondary school, but the “head girl” title was purely earned by her efforts and sacrifices. Because her father was the headmaster, she was once accused by others. She admitted she did cry, but she also did make the effort to solve the misunderstanding.

She talked about her philosophies of life. She talked about her relationship with someone that she loved. It was really a sad one, which was exactly as same as my ex-girlfriend last time, just that the one who ended it was not her father, but her herself. I knew her much better through this conversation. Well, I did too talked a bit about my frustrations about my broken relationship, and she was great to listen and gave me advices. The advices were almost as same as what Michelle gave me. I felt more assured about what I should do in the future. Thank you, Yie Ning.

I felt happy and grateful because what I gained that night was more than the MYR 17.80 of the drinks, although I was the one insisted to treat her meal, which in the end turned out to be just a normal drink treat. It was such a sad to think that that night might be our last time we meet each other. I doubt I will ever see her again. The only possibility is that I travel to India 2 years later. But still, I thank God because once again I was given an opportunity to know someone great!

Yie Ning, I wish u all the best in your future undertakings. You are great!

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